Public Awareness Campaign Nepal (PAC Nepal), is a service oriented nonprofit making and non government organization (NGO) established in 2067. It was initiated by local youths and artist of Janakpur. It focuses on awareness raising to dalit, women, youth, indigenous people and other backward ethnicity through different innovative awareness program like street drama, stage show, Chaubatiya Geeti Sandesh, video documentary, tele-film, jingle preparation, PSA preparation, radio program etc.


The PACN works for the formation of conscious, peaceful, harmony and self independent society via the eradication of inequality in the Nepalese society.


The PACN works awareness rising against Gender Based Violence (child marriage, dowry), inequality, illiteracy, child labor, social exclusion, waste management, health (including HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Leprosy and Child Nutrition) issues and other all types of social issues to coordination with different stakeholders and other NGOs/INGOs.


Enhance the socio-economic status and livelihood of dalits, women, youths, children, disable, marginalized, excluded and underprivileged through integrated community development program for equitable and prosperous society.


•    To facilitate for identification of community problems in terms of health (including HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Leprosy and child nutrition), education, protection and livelihood, prioritize, solve the problem and mobilize local resources for poor, vulnerable, social excluded group.
•    To organize the social campaign, advocacy program for increase the access on community fundamental rights.
•    To mobilize the society against social justice, human and child rights, livelihood issues.
•    To raise the awareness on legal provision of social issues and work on good governance.
•    To work against control the girls trafficking, gender based violence, child labor, child marriage.
•    To coordinate and use all concerned stakeholders for the all round development of society via trustworthy, honesty, punctuality, kindness and dutifulness.
•    To produce and conduct of awareness raising related program like seminar, workshop, street play, film, tele-film, newspaper, wall paintings, campaign, video film, radio programs, video documentary, cultural program, etc.
•    To conduct the campaign for unified the community, conscious the community people for their rights, make enable and empowered the society and enhanced the capacity.
•    To conduct and publish study, research, field trip, seminar, workshop, training for build the capacity of social development institution.